The Problem with Protestant Ecclesiology

Dr. Dan Wallace

I just ran across this article by Dr. Dan Wallace:  Dr. Wallace is a massively huge name in Protestant circles.  In many ways he wrote the book on Koine Greek.  His very obvious difficulties with Protestant schism gives me hope that perhaps one day Dr. Wallace will look for the exit.

Several evangelical scholars have noted that the problem with Protestant ecclesiology is that there is no Protestant ecclesiology. In many denominations—and especially in non-denominational churches—there is no hierarchy of churches responsible to a central head, no accountability beyond the local congregation, no fellowship beyond the local assembly, no missional emphasis that gains support from hundreds of congregations, and no superiors to whom a local pastor must submit for doctrinal or ethical fidelity.

Three events have especially caused me to reflect on my own ecclesiological situation and long for something different.

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The Problem with Protestant Ecclesiology