The Final Letter

Hey there.  Thanks for taking a look at these Letters.  If you’ve looked through past posts and gotten anything out of what I wrote then God bless.  If you haven’t, try going back to the beginning and experiencing the research I went through as I began expressing my conversion story from Protestant to Orthodox, first to family, then to friends, and finally publicly.

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what to do with the blog.  I’m now Orthodox, and while I’m very much still working on expressing my thoughts on Orthodox conversion issues, I don’t think that this anonymous platform can get me where I want to go.  At the same time I’m loathe to change things up.  This stands as a nice slice of my life, and I had good reason for presenting things the way I did.  I don’t really want to change that.  The content here is still good content.  I would probably write it differently now, but I stand behind it as is.

So, I’m saying sayonara to this blog.  I’m leaving it in place, as is, for anyone who wishes to look at the content.  I’m moving on to other blogs (yes, plural), podcasts, and other ventures.  I am engaging more heavily in bringing Orthodoxy to the awareness of others as I’m capable.  I’m not going to point off to the other things I’m doing (in the spirit of anonymity), but you can find me easily enough if you really want to.  Chances are you already have and just don’t know it.

Thanks for reading along with me on my journey.  I will still respond to comments, but don’t expect any further posts here.

Back to the start…

The Final Letter

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