Similarities With Ancient Judaism

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Recently I was thinking some about similarities between ancient Judaism and Orthodox worship and piety.  I came up with this rough list of items.  I wonder if anyone out there would be able to add anything to the list.

Menorah on altar – Exodus 25:31-40
Icons – Dura Europos
8-day – naming – Luke 2:21
40-day – churching (Luke 2:22-40)
Incense – Ex 30, ps 141:2
priestly garments – ex 28:2-5
praying hours – Acts 3:1 –
feasts – Church has 12 major feasts per year.
weekly fasts – Mark 2:20, didache – Wed/Fri
Liturgical day starts at sunset
Gospel is processed like Torah
Saturday is still sabbath
Still use psalms as psalter/ tehillim
Bowing during prayers
Praying using set prayers
Dance of Isaiah?

Similarities With Ancient Judaism

Final phases

English: The inside of an Orthodox church. Gre...
English: The inside of an Orthodox church. Greek Orthodox Church. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife and I have decided to move forward into Orthodoxy.  This has been a process of years for us both.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Taking your time let’s you really think about what you are doing, and allows you to make your commitment based on solid reasoning, rather than emotions.  I’m happy that we’re entering this new phase though.  I very much look forward to being past the constant searching and researching.  :o)

Now we’re working through the logistics of actually becoming Orthodox.  My wife and I have been baptized, but we need to come up with documentation to that effect.  At some point we will be chrismated (an annointing with oil) and have our marriage blessed.  At a separate time our children will be baptized and chrismated.  Along the way we will pick up a new set of names (to be determined), and some new family relations (also to be determined).  There’s lots of things on our to do list.

Questions from family and friends have largely stopped, and so this blog has quieted down.  The content will remain and I may periodically post new information.  Of course I still welcome questions, but more and more I come to realize that I am hardly the best person to answer.  I am so new, still, I can’t imagine that I really add much to the conversation.  Hopefully I have done more good than harm, and for the rest, Lord have mercy!

Final phases