Origins of the Papacy

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A picture of Pope Pius XII made after his elec...
A picture of Pope Pius XII made after his election to the papacy in 1939. It was composed by a French nun, who donated it to the Pontiff. He upon looking at it, decided “this is not me” and gave to Madre Pascalina Lehnert, who gave to the copyholder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This doesn’t have anything to do with current research I’m doing or a letter I’m writing, but it just came to mind so I thought I’d mention it before it escaped my tiny attention span.  When doing research on the papacy I ran across this old book, now out of copyright, and read it.  Even though the author does have a bit of an axe to grind as an ex-Catholic priest (he became Orthodox), he was an extremely informed man it appears and I found it very informative and thorough on the subject of the development of the papacy.  Don’t discount old books.  Just because a book wasn’t written in the last ten years doesn’t mean it’s out of date or irrelevant.  There’s a LOT in this book to consider.

Thanks to Google you can also get it in ebook form, which is super handy.  You can get the ebook by clicking the button on the top left that says Read Ebook.

The Papacy: Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Churches by Abbe Guettee, D.D.

Origins of the Papacy

5 thoughts on “Origins of the Papacy

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  2. Adam,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I appreciate you jumping in!

    I’m curious how much you look into the origins of the papacy in your book. From the TOC it appears that you are looking at things more from a current perspective, a “how do we move forward from here”, rather than a “how did we get here to begin with” approach. For my purposes I’m mostly interested in the questions of the validity of the development of the papacy, as I’m in the phase of a convert. I’m interested in proposals for reunification, of course, but the point of what I’m writing is about convert issues so I’d be more interested in your views on that. That’s why I’m willing to tolerate a “tedentious and polemical” viewpoint. 🙂

    Would you be willing to comment further on what it was in the Guettee’s book that you take offense at? Is it the tone that makes you distrust it, or is it making bad statements? Your thoughts would be very helpful to me.


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