Audio for Eucharist

Here’s some additional audio resources regarding the Eucharist that I’ve found:

Audio for Eucharist

2 thoughts on “Audio for Eucharist

  1. Among other protestant groups, Methodists also baptize infants. Really, it’s just the ancient Christian practice and shouldn’t be seen as protestant vs Catholic or Orthodox.

    One other point: we are saved by Christ and his atoning sacrifice. Met. Kallistos has a way of answering the “are you saved?” question like this: “I have been saved, I am being saved, and by the grace of God, I will be saved.” I find that very helpful (btw, he has a short booklet on the Orthodox understanding of Salvation which is very helpful, as is his wonderful book the Orthodox Way – I strongly recommend the latter to every Christian regardless of confession).

  2. Thanks Anon. I’m going to assume you are referring to this book ( The Orthodox Way, of course, is recommended by just about everyone, so you can’t go wrong there. I’ve also recently picked up Clark Carlton’s Life: Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation (

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