Contra Sola Scriptura (part 4)

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Mom and [sister #1],

Hopefully you two are getting back in the groove in the New Year.  I’m clearing out the weeds at work, and [my wife’s] mom has been taking the girls one by one for a day, which has made for a very quiet week so far.  How nice!  That makes it easier to emerge back into work slowly, though maybe it’s better to go in full speed, like diving into a pool.  I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, I happened to notice a new blog post that is a continuation of a series that I have previously mentioned in regards to Sola Scriptura that I wanted to pass on.  As if the discussion wasn’t already long enough, I’m going to throw out this quite long blog post.  Digest as you have time.  The writer digs into some areas of history I’ve not peered into previously, but I thought it was a good discussion.  The author is a church history major.  The post might be a bit bracing at times, but makes interesting points.  The author takes a ride through history from the Reformation to modern day America, tracing the development of Protestantism.  Covering such a large period of time can always bear the danger of over-simplifying, but it does allow one to get a broad view of the flow of history.  I think it is useful.

I’m hoping to talk to [sister #2] very soon about all this.  I’m praying that she will be as kind and receptive as you two have been.  I do appreciate how willingly you are allowing me to bounce ideas off you.  You may not agree, but you are being very gracious about it.  Thanks!


Contra Sola Scriptura (part 4)

2 thoughts on “Contra Sola Scriptura (part 4)

  1. Robert Arakaki says:


    Thank you for your positive comments about my blog posting! It’s long because it was one of several research papers I wrote in my journey to Orthodoxy. My journey to Orthodoxy took a while because as a seminary graduate I had a lot of issues to think through. When the time came, I was ready to make the big shift from Protestantism to Orthodoxy. But I also took with me the best Protestantism has to offer: love for Jesus, love of Scripture, and a passion for evangelism. Praying for God’s blessing on you and your family!


  2. Robert,

    I love your site and your material! Thanks so much for sharing it, and I thought that the post I referenced above was wonderful. I take a somewhat more circumspect approach when discussing these issues with family, so I was trying to soften the blow somewhat before they read the post. I hope they read it and take it in. You make my job a lot easier!

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